X33N played Deviser Gaines, DG worker, Observation Bot, Intuition and Self-Doubt in Season Two of Mianite. He and his fellow BTS worker MrMadSpy created a series called The Making-Of-Mianite, where they show how Inertia Prison Break and other BTS stuff that took place in Mianite S2. He was also a server master on TrollCraft. When Mianite Season 2 ended, CaptainSparklez and X33N started making videos together.

Quotes Edit

I'm working on it!

Don't worry about it.

Spooklez only!

Trivia Edit

  • He doesn't like being called X33nie weenie.
  • He is known for making puns.
  • In the Deep End Minecraft series, X33N hid chests filled with random blocks (eggs, etc.) all over CaptainSparklez's island.