Trials is a platform racing game series developed by RedLynx and published by Ubisoft. The main series consists of 5 games, with several games not in the main series. Jordan has had three different let's play series of Trials, with the most recent one still running.

Main SeriesEdit

Title Year Platform
Trials 2000 Java
Trials 2 2007 Flash, Windows
Trials HD 2009 Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows
Trials Evolution 2012 Xbox 360, Windows
Trials Fusion 2014 Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, Windows

Other Trials GamesEdit

Title Year Platform Type
Trials Bike Basic 2003 Java Expansion
Trials Bike Pro 2003 Java Expansion
Trials Construction Yard 2004 Java Expansion
Trials Mountain Heights 2005 Java Expansion
Trials Dynamite Tumble 2008 Flash Spin-off
Trials 2: Second Edition 2008 Windows Remake
Trials Legends 2010 Windows Remake
Trials Frontier 2014 Android, iOS Spin-off
Trials of the Blood Dragon 2016 Xbox One, PS4, Windows Spin-off

Jordan's Multiple Let's Play Series of Trials Edit

On June 20, 2013, Jordan started a series on his channel in which he played Trials Evolution with his friend Nick Fenton [1]. In a few episodes, other players joined Jordan and Nick. These were Joel [2], Hutch [3], and Max Gonzalez [4]. The series ran until January 27, 2014, with the 29th episode ending the series. On June 26, 2015 he started a new series, in which he played Trials Fusion with his friend Mark Rabon [5]. The series came to an abrupt end on July 1, 2015, just 4 days and 2 episodes after it started. On July 28, 2015, Jordan started his 3rd Trials series on the channel, this time playing Trials Fusion with Nick. The series runs to this day, with a total of 89 episodes so far. In one episode of the series, Mark returned to join Jordan and Nick.

Trials Evolution w/ Nick Edit

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Trials Fusion w/ Mark Edit

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Trials Fusion w/ Nick Edit

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