Name tag, 22 karat carrots, and OG zombie pigmen. Extremely Over-powered. Jerry da boss is coming back from the grave and Is going to mourn Minecraft survival let's play. Subscribe to the youtube channel Soulmaster17. And shove a shovel up pewdiepie's a**. Just kidding. Captainsparklez is the best youtuber ever. Jardon Maroon is gonna eat some 22 karat carrots and THE GOLDEN APPLE (shoutout to Razzbowski.) THE GOLDEN APPLE is 22 karat and it has mythical powers, AKA the notch apple (enchanted golden apple) can not be crafted, it can simply be found in Mineshafts, Dungeons, Deserted Temples, Overgrown Temples, Village Civilizations, & Mesa Biomes. Enchanted apples are mythical and they cause regeneration and some other powers. Remeber, Razzbowski is a Scottish YouTuber who love Margaret the Mannequin, and is friends with MISTER TURTLE.