Published June 17, 2014

Transcript Edit

  • Jordan speaks to the viewers while footage from later in the episode plays: All right, what's going on dudes and welcome to the world of Mianite. But what is Mianite? Well, it's sort of like this cooperative/competitive vanilla Minecraft server with a bit of a twist, which will be explained to you as the episode goes by about pleasing the gods and choosing your side, dark or light. But that's for later. For now, lemme give you a bit of background. So the server was started off by Syndicate. And the idea was just to play with some friends, have a good time, build some stuff, probably most importantly mess with and troll your friends, of course. And I had a bunch of people asking me to chat with him about, I dunno, maybe playing on the server, and so I talked with him a few days ago, he's like, "yeah, why don't you stop on by," and I was like, "y'know, I've never actually done some sort of long-running cooperative series before." And so, it sounded cool, 'cause I've always done solo series in the past, and so, yeah! Should be some fun! What they've been doing is, every day of the week that they're free, and not doing other stuff, at noon Pacific Time they've been livestreaming on the Mianite server, and then taking those livestreams and putting them over on YouTube afterwards. So I can't commit to doing it every single day, but hopefully it'll give me an excuse to stream more consistently, because I have been wanting to do that, so yeah, I'll let you know if I'm streaming via Twitter, Facebook, or you can follow directly on Twitch as well, all those links are in the description, and, yeah! Stream over on Twitch, then put that stuff over on YouTube, as it is now, and it should be some fun! We'll see how things go. So, anyway, just wanted to give you some background, before we begin, but the rest will be explained as the episode goes by, again so hopefully this is something you think is pretty cool! It's something new, something different, feel free to give the video a rating or something, if you're interested, I dunno. Either way, we'll call it there with my intro, and we'll get into things.