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A Very Heart Breaking Moment :(Edit


Jerry the Slime is a recurring character in Jordan's Minecraft Survival Let's Play. He found it in a mine and took it as his pet, and trapped him in a cage before leaving to do more mining. When he came back, Jerry had despawned, causing much sadness for Captain Sparklez. Jordan went on to name his tree after him, dubbing it 'Jerry's Tree', and placed a memorial at the top of the tree. Jerry has been mentioned frequently since. Jordan also follows a naming pattern for all his pets, with all of them rhyming with Jerry (Carrie, Mary, etc.) Jerry also has a mod based on him, which was used in CaptainSparklez's Modded Survival series . There is also a fan game known as "The Adventures of Jerry the Slime" which CaptainSparklez played and beat.

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