A meme name given to Jordan Maron (CaptainSparklez). Originally occurred during the Mianite series when OMGitsfirefoxx accidentally spelt his name as Jardon instead of Jordan in a tweet.

CaptainSparklez has noted many times that he enjoys people arguing over whether his name is Jordan or Jardon, as he can't tell if the people who think it's Jardon are being sincere.

The Jardon name picked up again through CaptainSparklez's subreddit. When he saw Jinastator spell it as Jordon, with two Os, he said, "First Jardon, and now Jordon?" In the same post, Jinastator also spelt it as Jeordon. From then on, people continued making his name more and more outrageous, to the point of "now you're just typing J and then smashing the keyboard."

The subreddit contributed by people filming videos of themselves smashing their faces against the keyboard and showing what has been typed. CaptainSparklez said that it "must start with a 'J' and end with 'an' otherwise you're not doing it right."

This meme has evolved in many different forms. Examples below.

Jordan misspellings examples Edit

  • Jardon
  • Jeordon
  • Jardan
  • Jragon
  • Jardoon
  • Jordallion
  • Jeoradeon
  • Jardonolodolodn
  • Joenrrnerdardeononun
  • Jskjfdaghkfjsdhgkfjdghfkjn
  • Jy67ut8iu98u7i98u7i98u7i9an (from a video)

Gallery Edit