A lovely quote from Jordan himself. It was said during a Reddit reaction video.

First appearance: AN EXPENSIVE MISTAKE (at 8 minutes 25 seconds)

This quote suggested that as sharks have to keep swimming as to not sink, hummingbirds can't stop flying because they can't land. Of course, hummingbirds can land and Jordan was wrong.

The meme later evolved into the creation of the hummingshark, which was sold as merch for a limited time.

This quote is also closely related to the Needlebird meme.

Related quotes Edit

Jordan: Are owls birds?
Jordan: Doesn't all cheese... like isn't cheese a mold at the end of the day?
Nick: The lemon is the T-rex of the fruit kingdom
Jordan: Waffles and pancakes are pretty much the same
Jordan: It's bill... is that was you call that on a hummingbird? A bill, the beak... Is it a beak? Or is it just a tube

Merch Edit

On the 8th of August, after many mentions of upcoming hummingbird shark merch, T-shirts, jumpers and hats were released on

Hummingbird merch

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