Minecraft Modded Survival Let's Play Ep

Minecraft Modded Survival Let's Play Ep. 37 - A Big Happy Family


Carrie the Cat was found in Episode 37 of Modded Survival. She has a Siamese texture and has most likely passed away in Ultra Modded Survival.  It is not known if Carrie is alive or has passed away, due to glitches in the brown ant dimension on Jordan's "Ultra Modded Survival" series. She probably is dead. RIP. She was cloned in Hexxit, but then was lost in Ultra Modded Survival. 

In Ultra modded survival, CaptainSparklez built Carry a castle. It was a stone brick cottage surrounded by towers and waterfalls, with a wood interior built into a mountain. Inside, a telepad was named Carry's Castle. Carrie's castle was home to a glass laboratory for Ares Magica and Thaumcraft, a garden, a war balloon overhead, a rocket, and an Ares Magica spell crafter.


Carrie was found at the bottom of Jerry's Tree as a wild ocelot. When CaptainSparklez tried to give her a fish she ran away and got stuck in his underground portal room. This made taming the ocelot a whole lot easier. However, this ocelot took lots of fish to tame, but CaptainSparklez eventually got her. He named her Carrie, following the "arry" pattern (Jerry, Gary, Larry).