On December 21st of 2011, YouTube Personality Jordan Maron (known as Captain Sparkles, stylized as CaptainSparklez) died in a car crash near Santa Barbara at age 20. Jordan was sitting in the passenger seat, while his father, who was recently released from a 12-year-sentence in prison, was driving their Ford GT supercar under the influence.

Witnesses say that Jordan's father crashed their car into a house near Encina Rd, Santa Barbara causing the entire building to collapse on the car and heavily injure both CaptainSparklez, and his father. He later died of blood loss in the hospital. CaptainSparklez's death caused the cancellation of gaming for the span of 5 years.

He will be deeply missed.
CaptainSparklez Funeral

CaptainSparklez's Tombstone


Photo taken moments before Jordan's death (Found on Jordan's phone)

A picture of CaptainSparklez