A Journey of Plural Heroes is the first episode of Minecraft Survival Let's Play. It was given this name because CaptainSparklez accidentally wrote "A Hero's Journey" as "A Heroes Journey" when typing the world name.

The Video Edit

CaptainSparklez started the video by creating a world called: "A Heroes Journey". The world spawned him in a jungle. There are lots of trees, so CaptainSparklez chopped down some wood. He crafted some planks, made a crafting table and fell down a cliff, losing 1 point of health.

Strangely, CaptainSparklez didn't craft sticks and a pickaxe right away. He first tried to find sheep. He couldn't find any sheep, so he killed some animals. Then, he crafted a pickaxe and a sword. He killed a group of cows, which he said would be remembered forever. Then, he went on to build a house.

CaptainSparklez found a tree to build a treehouse on. He grabbed his wood planks, and surrounded the tree. He then went down to gather cobblestone. It was already nighttime.

CaptainSparkles got about 20 cobblestone and made some tools and weapons. He found an ocelot, but he couldn't tame it. He went on battleing mobs. He nearly got blown up by a creeper. Shortly after, the video ended.

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode ever in the Let's Play series' history.
  • This is the first non-Map video that CaptainSparklez ever released.(?)
    • ^^This is debatable, since Jordan had already had Minecraft videos that took place on servers, and he did have redstone tutorials in his own worlds.